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Unique experience!

Shamans are coming in to the Heart of Slovenia. Do you know why?

I was drawn to their simplicity and grandeur, because of the immense wisdom of understanding the truth and the incredibly powerful ability to use the natural, source and universal powers of healing.

The Qeros Shamans from Peru, which I contacted, and received healing and purification from, retain ancient Incas knowledge. When, however, I learned that their only mission is to share the Truth in the Time of Transformation and Unification - Harmony on Earth, and they emphasize how we need to awaken our Spirituality and Love within ourselves so that our hearts can unite us with the same mission of transformation. I immediately felt that I have to invite them to Slovenia.

It made a big impression on me when I learned that they are the last ones who transmit Incas wisdom. They inherited this knowledge and still retain Incas genuine healing techniques, are an original way of healing and working with energy. When I was traveling to Ananta’s Intensive Program to Peru, I was looking for the Incas Truth and it led to them, I experienced immensely happiness when I met them and I knew immediately that we had something in common. Something wonderful when you meet a person and see deep in theirs heart, abilities, wisdom and it is the same as you have. I wish everyone from the heart to feel this themselves.

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QERO SHAMANS are located in the highlands of Peru, where Heaven kisses the Earth, where man walks with Puma and his mind flies like Condor, a place where cosmic knowledge is still alive in humans.

Qero Shamans preserve the ancient and magical knowledge from Inca times, their unique mission of sharing the TARYPAY PACHA (Time of transformation and Union on the earth) where we need to grow our spirituality and our love, to be united by our hearts with the same mission of transformation.

They are also known as the last Incas, they inherited this knowledge and are still preserving the authentic healing techniques, maintaining the original way of healing and energy work, as their ancestors did.

They want to teach the new generations, locals and foreigners to respect the nature, find a relation with her, get in contact with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and how she can help us in our daily living, help for the TARIPAY PACHA come true and finally become beings of pure light and with practice become as CHAKARUNAS (connectors of light energy).

Maestro Agustin Machaca and Maestro Nicolas Flores will lead the Shamanic Healing in Slovenia:

Maestro Agustin comes from the Qero community from a small village called Hatun Qero, he is 56 years old. He comes from the Linieage of the Qolqe Chumpi, teaching the lost knowledge of Chumpis and rainbow ceremony. He is very friendly and warm hearted; also very well known for his healing powers using different tools, but mainly the Chumpis or the stones of the 7 powers. He is well accurate with the Coca Leaves divination; we call him the guardian of Pachamama because his Love for Mother Earth and the Cosmos is unique making this very easy for him to work with these forces.
Maestro Nicolas comes from the Qero community from a small village called Hatun Qero. He is 35 years old and was initiated as a Pamapamesayoq Shaman at the edge of 17 years, receiving his power in the high Ausangate mountains. He comes from a lineage of powerful Shamans like Sebastian Flores Machaca one of the most important Shamans in the Qero community, very well know for his healing and cleansing powers using different tools, but medicine plants. He is well accurate with the Coca Leaves divination too, we call him the Warm Heart because of his Love and relation with the spirit of the mountains, respecting and helping them, he says his mission is to spread the knowledge of Pachamama or Mother Earth and our relation to her.
Janet is from the navel of the world, known as Cusco from Peru. She has been working with Qeros Shamans for over 9 years, learning from them, and has had the honor of working with the most renowned Shamans such as Alejandro Apaza as well as Pamapamesayoq Shaman and descendants of Benita QoriHuaman and Altomesayoq Shaman at a high level. She speaks Qechua language and English, and helps transmit the Knowledge of the Qeros Community, because of her compromise with Pachamama Mother Earth and Powers in order to become a true Pampamesayoq Shaman herself.
Walter is from the Navel of the world known as Cusco, Peru. Shamans have named him WAYRA, because of his kindness and his strength while he is doing the ceremonies, he has been working with the Qeros Shamans from more than 4 years. He has initiated with the medicinal plants, using the San Pedro or Wachuma for healing. He speaks Qechua and English and he helps and make sure to transmit the Knowledge of the Qeros community. He likes to play his Shamanic flout, while the Shamans do the ceremony to connect people and help them in their journey. He is also in his way of becoming a Pampamesayoq too when it will be the right time.
Alexandra Debevec - Certified healer by the Ministry of Health in the field of the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, where she has been working with people for 30 years. Working with the Love of all Creation and Nature, she can connect to the levels, where the Pure Healing Energy, the Magical Power originates, which she can convey it to you through speech and hands, individually or in a group. In doing so, your illusions and problems begin to dissolve, all kind of illnesses starts to heal and a space is created for light and conditions to connect with your Power. Alexandra’s Ananta Therapies helps to heal the confusion and mental stress, heal your heart of worry and fear, relieve anxiety, headaches, distress, increase concentration and restore vital life energy, thus enhancing your health, regulating your relationships and partnerships and achieving career success and financial well-being.


- HEALING with 7 Chumpi healing stones

This ceremony is one of the ancient healing techniques practiced by the Qero Shamans, and they are the only ones who have passed on this knowledge from generation to generation, thus preserving it from the Incan times to this day. Chumpi healing is a valuable technique that works with 7 healing stones. The stones have a special specialty because each has its own power and is associated with a special holy Apu (mountain energy) at the moment of healing. The shaman will operate with 7 powers:

Otorongo – Puma
Kuntur – Condor
Killa – Luna
Sachamama – The Great Snake
Inti – Th Sun
Siwar Qente – Hummingbird
Mama Kuca- Coca leaves

This healing will open up your light power of your body and then cleanse all 5 energy centers in your body from the bottom to the top of your head, your power Paña (right) and Lloque (left). This healing is a genuine Inca healing that comes from centuries ago, and together with the Andean Shamans you will discover a different way of healing work with the four elements of power, fire, water, earth and air. This healing will help you heal the nervous system, relieve anxiety, headaches and speed up concentration, boosting and restoring body energy.


Kuychi or Rainbow, known from the Incan times, says that Kuychi appears where there is a very special and very strong energy. Kuychi, or rainbow, usually occurs where it rains on a sunny day. There are different types of rainbows, those that come from Hanaq Pacha (Upper World), this energy works according to the understanding of the Shamans with Tayta Inti (Father Sun) and is usually around the Sun during the day. The other rainbows that connect Kay Pacha to Hanaq Pacha, this is the usual rainbow that we see on the horizon and connects our energy with the Light Energy of the Hanaq Panel (Upper World) and finally the Rainbow coming from Ukhu Pacha (Underground), very powerful energy to restore the energy of the earth, which goes from the bottom up, all the way to Hanaq Pacha (upper world).

Connecting to the Rainbow consists of working with your energy body field and the Kuychi Rainbow connection. Rainbow colors will be represented by strips, so this energy work is also known as energy work with strips that only work with the energy of Hanaq Pach (Upper Earth).

The shamans will first connect your 4 energy points represented by the four bands and elements of the Earth:

Siki Ñawi, who will represent Yana Chumpi (Black Belt), which connects to the energy of Ukhu Pacha (the underworld).
Qosqo Ñawi, who will represent Puka Chumpi (Red Belt), which connects to the energy of Water.
Sonqo Ñawi, who will represent Qori Chumpi (Golden Belt), which connects to the energy of fire or sun.
Kunka Ñawi, who will represent Silver Chumpi (Moon Belt), which connects to the energy of the moon.
Finally, the shaman will connect to your last and final energy which is: Uma Ñawi representing Kulli Chumpi (purple belt), which connects to the energy of Hanaq Pacha.

Rainbow Linking Energy Works with Your Energy Body Field, this healing has been specially made for people who want to know more about Inca healing, know the authentic Inca healing techniques worn by Qero Shamans that connect your spirit to Kausay Pacha energy (entire energy) and opens up your energy points so you can recharge yourself with this Incas Holy Energy of the City.


The mountains, named Apus are sacred spirits and protectors for the Andean Shamans. They are holy beings with full light energy, connected to the whole world and providing power to the new Andaman Shamans, saying that one who wants to become a master needs to be initiated by his master so that you can step on your own spiritual path and climb one big mountain and earn respect from Apu.

This program was made especially for those individuals who want to work with the energy of a special Apu, we called it Apu healing, because you will act exactly with the energy of Hanaq Pacha (Upper World). This program is special for those people involved in the energy field, such as healers, yoga masters, Reiki teachers, shamans, the media, tarot reading, etc. We all know that when we work with energy and help others, we can be exhausted, sometimes we face with too much Hucha (heavy energy or negativity), and we need to do the cleansing and ask for a mountain of strength, as the Andean Shamans do so that we can go back and move on with paths.


The name Ayahuasca refers to a beverage that is a perfect combination of two Plants Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi ) a wrapper and the Chakruna (Psychotria Viridis). Ayahuasca itself contains DMT (dimethyltryptamine), that during a ritual help Shamans open the door of different dimensions, deep multi-level healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Ayahuasca is a healing medicine and as a teacher plant, according to several native tribes, Ayahuasca would open them the door of a more solid or more complete reality than the one our senses usually allows us to see, giving them the power to communicate with the spirits or their ancestors.

Ayahuasca is always mentioned in the female gender, because users have said that the voice of higher intelligence that they hear during the ceremony is female. She (meaning the plant) speaks to you directly and tells you what you need to work on in your life.

Peru Shamans wants you to experience one of the most spectacular journeys to your inner self on the hand of the guards of this master plant Ayahuasca. It is very important one feels a strong call to work with this medicine. This may be the most challenging and difficult experience of your life and it definitely should be chosen from the heart. The process requires courage, commitment, trust and surrender to receive the deepest healings. The secret to working with this medicine is actually quite simple. Trust it and surrender.

The ceremony takes around 4 to 5 hours, before healing you have to prepare yourself and notify us, because Shamans needs to prepare the medicine in Peru already.

This healing is in indoor space or a hall.


Reading healing from Coca Leaves have been a spiritual practice since the Incas, when people had to make important decisions related to family, planting year, weather forecasting or even wars, etc. They asked for "MAMA KUKA" or coca leaves.

Andean Shamans use reading from the Coca Leaves as a healing tool, because it will tell them what problems a person has, given what the shaman sees in the coca leaves, he will know what healing technique he will use. READING FROM COCA LEAVES is for people who want to get help with making decisions in life, it can be related to career success, love, health, etc.
This healing lasts from 20 minutes to 40 minutes per person.

- Healing with Alexandra Debevec, LICENSED HEALER (TCM)

Working with the Love of all Creation and Nature, she can connect to the levels, where the Pure Healing Energy, the Magical Power originates, which she can convey it to you through speech and hands, individually or in a group. In doing so, your illusions and problems begin to dissolve, all kind of illnesses starts to heal and a space is created for light and conditions to connect with your Power.

Alexandra’s Ananta Treatment helps to heal confusion, restlessness and mentally stress, relieve anxiety, headaches, distress, increase concentration and restore vital life energy, thus enhancing your health, regulating your relationships and partnerships and achieving career success and financial abundance.

Master Alexandra, as the owner of the Ananta Center for Healthy Living, will connect and lead the whole program, she is very pleased to see each and everyone one of you at the Ananta Intensive with the Incas Shamans in Bohinj, because through your personal development and change you will contribute to the healing and development of all humanity on the Planet Earth.

SPECIAL PRICE: 6-day Ananta Intensive Healing with Qero Shamans and Alexandra Debevec

for all those who register and pay by 31st of January 2020
PRICE IS: 1.690 € for a double room with separate bed and double bed with a discount, VALID UNTIL THE END OF JANUARY 2020.
PRICE: 1.880 € for a single room for one person with a discount, VALID UNTIL THE END OF JANUARY 2020. POSSIBLE PAYMENT IN 6 INSTALLMENTS, HIGHER PRICE BY 200 €
6 day stay at Bohinj Eco Hotel**** - 5 nights with breakfast, lunch or dinner (by arrangement for single and double room)
3 tipes Shamanic Energy Healing and Connecting with Your Power
6 day healings with Alexandra Debevec under the program of Ananta Intensive and other Energy works.
PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Healing session - 150 €, reading from COCA LEAVES - 50 €, parking in Bohinj, gondola ride on Vogel, Savica Waterfall and the riverbeds of Mostnica, panoramic boat ride, sightseeing in Bohinj Museums. Possible surcharge for sightseeing around Bohinj. We'll agree on where to go at the Hotel.

Bohinj Eco Hotel****
Water park - Eco Hotel****
Bohinj lake - Vogel
Riverbeds Mostnice - Bohinj
National park - Triglav
Savica waterfall - Bohinj

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